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Life Skills


Fun on the Court

Welcome to TRIBE Club Basketball!

Basketball drills are one of the true secrets to our success on the basketball court. We’ve gathered some of the best drills available to make sure we achieve the quality skills you need. If you develop basketball skills superior to your competition, success is there for the taking. TRIBE youth sports clinic available on request.

Girls Basketball Team

Basketball is meant to be fun, although at times it seems to get pretty competitive and serious, as any team sport. But kids should have fun, without stress, playing with their friends on their own, without referees, coaches, etc.

LEADERSHIP on the Court

“It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you often get it.” 

Welcome to the TRIBE Basketball Club, home to everything you need to get to your next level. Whether its simply wanting to improve your skills, make a team, or make the starting 5, we have what you need to gain that competitive advantage.

TRIBE Mission is to help athletes develop discipline, teamwork, determination, and individual skills. The TRIBE Philosophy is to create a culture of integrity, good sportsmanship and hardwork.

Seize the opportunity to learn philosophies and fundamentals from a professional group of basketball coaches with experience honed for youth athletics. Tags: TRIBE youth sports clinic, TRIBE club basketball, Club Basketball in Universal City


TRIBE Club Basketball

CLUB Basketball in Universal City.

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"A player has to work just as hard on developing their “mental muscle” skills as they do with developing their “physical” skills. It’s part of the game, and players need both in order to be successful!."

Playing as a TEAM

"The secret is to work less as individuals and more as a team. I play not my five best, but my best five."

Skills and Drills

Play as a Team


If you want to be a good basketball player , you should improve your shooting, passing, on the ball defensive techniques, and allow yourself to be coached. Be able to work with your teammates and try to get to know them so that your entire team will work together as one